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The teaching staff implement a modern educational concept, which links practice together with theory under the guiding theme of skill and action orientation, and which places particular curricular value on aligned technologies and their pragmatic transfer.

fortbildungThe planning and organisation of the programs takes into account the qualification level of the stipendiaries, the conditions of their homelands and, within the framework of group program options, individual special requests. For the complex teaching contents of the vocational fields, a modular system has been devised that comprises self-contained teaching units. These modules build upon each other and provide the knowledge and skills for the professional qualification due to close links between theory and practice. With the long-term programs a practical placement is planned during the final stage of education. The modules take place at selected colleges. The courses can be offered alongside the school year or as compact courses.

Cooperation with education establishments and cooperative partners

The programs are executed in conjunction with the trade, industry, vocational colleges of the state of Berlin and the association inside e.V. In addition, the special offers from vocational training centres can also be used during the courses for the purpose of practical qualifications (metal and woodwork, water supply technologies etc).

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