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The regional office is a training establishment of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science. It was founded in 1963 within the framework of the assumed state contribution to developmental cooperation. With it, the state of Berlin created a training establishment in coordination and cooperation with the federal government, in which over 2000 teachers and skilled personnel from approx. 70 countries worldwide have been successfully qualified. Recently, there has been an increase in education and training in the fields of water management and renewable energies, in order to meet with the demands for sustainable development in a globalised world.

06-img_assist_customImplementation of the training measures is practice-orientated and vocational, whereby particular value is placed on a close link between theory and practice. Fundamental aims of the training program are the independence of the stipendiaries and the provision of professional competence.

The program includes the following focuses:

  • Greater depth and expansion of professional knowledge and skills;
  • The acquisition, expansion and application of didactic and methodological knowledge including skills for planning and implementing theoretical education and practical instruction;
  • The ability to transfer acquired knowledge and skills to the conditions of the home country;
  • The acquisition of knowledge with which to provide consultancy to companies and schools in the home country on questions of company organisation and company management as well as commercial training and development;
  • Sensibilisation to the environment, protection of resources and industrial health and safety.

Financing and co-operation

The regional office is directly subordinate to the legal and technical supervision of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science, which also bears the costs of the facility.

The work of the regional office is supported by the Senate Department for the Business, Technology and Women in cooperation with the commercial industry. With regards to the organisation and execution of the education program, the regional office works closely together with the association inside (Förderzentrum für internationale Studierende und Wissenschaftler e.V.) and the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH).

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Berufsförderung in Entwicklungsländern

Hartmannsweilerweg 29
D 14163 Berlin-Zehlendorf

Fon: 030 814901-44
Fax: 030 814901-80

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