A water-powered pump in DIY

widder-3Our video (in german language) shows the construction and commisioning of a „hydraulic ram" by Harald Sterzenbach, managing teacher on renewable energy at Knobelsdorffschule.

The hydraulic ram is a cycling water pump powered by hydropower. It uses the dynamic pressure effect to raise a portion of the water from which it is driven to a higher level. At rivers, for instance, it can be used for lifting water to higher lying fields.

For developing countries the hydraulic ram could be of particular importance. After a short introduction, the simple technique can be operated and maintained by the users themselves. The ram requires no other power supply and is usually reliable for decades.


Der hydraulische Widder 
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widder-5s   widder-6s   widder-7s   widder-8s
 H. Sterzenbach, the designer
   water source
   lateral view
   water outlet in a tree


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Structure and function are explained in Wikipedia article: Hydraulic ram